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Book Your Trips in Installments

Travel without worrying about expenses!
chutti website and app provides you with " book now, pay later " service plus flights in installments through Tabby platform

Book Flights in Installments

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How To Travel in Installments With chutti?

Choose Trip Details

Trip timing and city

Choose "Tabby"

choose "book now, pay later" or pay in installments

Booking With chutti Features

Over 500 Airlines

Inclusive Prices (Taxes & Fees)

Safe & Secure Payment Options

Terms & Conditions

  • You can now pay all your reservations in 3 equal payments/installments.
  • Installment Method: When you reach the payment page:
    • Choose the payment option (tabby)
    • You can complete the payment process for flight reservations in 3 installments with 0% interest & without credit card.
    • You will be taken to a page on the Tabby website.
    • Enter your mobile number and you will receive a message confirming the division of payments and the completion of the first payment process.
    • After that, add your data, as it will require adding (mobile and bank number on your first request) and (mobile number only) will be required in subsequent requests.
    • Finally, the amount will be divided into 3 equal payments.
    • You will pay the first installment and the rest will be over two consecutive months later.
  • Accepting or rejecting installment requests through tabby exclusively and not through the chutti application.
  • There are no additional fees for installment amounts (0% interest)
  • The first installment will be deducted immediately after completing tabby verification process
  • Installment is available on domestic and international flights) that are made through the chutti application or website.
  • Accommodation Period: open without limits.
  • Travel Period: open without limit.
  • All prices are dependent on availability at the reservation time.
  • In case of reservation cancellation, policies of cancellation from airliners will be applied, and the customer must commit to paying the remaining installments even after cancelling the non-refundable reservation.
  • This offer is exclusively for singles & families. Travel agents, companies or those who reserve on behalf aren't entitled to use this offer.