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Title overview

Chutti is a leading Saudi Arabian online travel agency. Our website was created only to help saudi arabian travelers with everything related to travelling abroad “Services, information and recommendations” which include flight booking so far. It was not created to any other purpose. Chutti is in a position with full rights to change its direction whenever it wants without referring to anyone. By saying “We”, “our” or “Chutti” we are referring to Chutti Company which is based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And by saying “you” we mean our website and application subscribers and visitors. Our Terms and conditions form a legal agreement that controls and organizes the use of Chutti website and application. Please click “accept” should you accept them. And if you don’t accept Chutti terms and conditions please don’t click “accept”. Also, if you don’t accept our terms and conditions please don’t use any of our services that are displayed on our website because they are contingent on these terms and conditions. However, if you used any of our services or accessed our website this will be considered as an acceptance to our terms and conditions. Hence, please read our terms and conditions very carefully. If you don’t agree to our terms, kindly contact Chutti Call center or go to any of our offices. Chutti company has the right to edit or change this agreement without providing an advance notice. If you want to be up to date with our terms and conditions, you are welcomed to access our agreement page on Chutti website anytime.

Using Chutti Website

Our users should be aware of the following while using our website:

  1. You must be 18 or above to access Chutti website and has the legal capacity to go through legal commitments as accessing the website demands the ability to establish agreements and make online transactions. Hence, you represent that any transaction or procedure you manage to make on the website indicates your total acceptance to commit to this agreement which means paying any necessary transaction.
  2. Access the website in accordance to Chutti terms and conditions.
  3. Use the website to book flights for yourself or someone else in line with correct authorization.
  4. You must educate the person you are making the reservation/booking to about our terms and conditions.
  5. The information he provides gets updated and amended on the website.
  6. Every user of Chutti website is responsible to protect their personal information and manage it.
  7. Chutti has the right to block any person from using the website or benefit from it for any reason and at any time and that’s not limited to violating this agreement.
  8. Using this website doesn’t form any sort of partnerships nor a job with Chutti company and its service providers.

Prohibited uses and activities

  1. Content displayed on the website which includes travel and tourism services along with the infrastructure is deemed to be a property to Chutti company, Chutti partners/suppliers and service providers.
  2. Copies of travel and tourism procedures and transactions are limited. Moreover, the user cannot edit, copy, showcase, distribute, carry out, share or license any copy secured from Chutti website. In addition to never sell or resell any information that is being displayed on the website. Hence our users should agree on:
  3. Never utilize the website content or the website itself for any commercial or business-related services that might violate this agreement.
  4. Never use the website for any illegal purpose.
  5. The user commits not to resort to fraudulent practices or any other illegal way while making credit card transactions. Thus, Chutti takes no responsibility or accountability for fraudulence or claim for theft regarding that card.
  6. Chutti company and their partners will do their best to protect and secure users transactions on the website. However, we won’t take responsibility for cards loss and their use afterwards and will not make up any money loss for any service that was paid through that card or if it was used illegally.
  7. Never participate in making guesswork or fake reservation just in case.
  8. Never use or copy the website data using robots or manually without prior approval from Chutti company.
  9. Never violate the limitations of any private electronic title displayed in the website or circumvent arrangements to prevent accessing Chutti website.
  10. Not to proceed any action that may cause overloading to the website or that’s inappropriate to the nature of the website.
  11. Not to create a deep link with any part of Chutti website (Like spaces that are blank while buying some service) without a written approval.
  12. Never include any part of the website in any other platform without a written approval.

Adding Data

  1. Users must read Chutti terms and conditions carefully and fill in the needed data correctly. By doing this they are totally responsible of any consequences related to the data they have entered.
  2. To purchase any service displayed on Chutti website, user data must be 100% correct and clear. Otherwise the company will have the right to cancel the reservation without any responsibility against the website. Refund will apply along with cancellation charges.

Observance of the provisions of service providers

  1. Buying services from Chutti website will be considered as an abiding and a direct commitment between the user and the service provider.
  2. Besides accepting that these terms and conditions were established by service providers, they will be applied on the reservation and every service our company provides and the user can benefit from. Using any service of what we provide will be considered as a fact that you have read the terms of the agreement and accepted them. These terms and conditions are set by Chutti and our service providers.
  3. Breaching any of the mentioned tools shall lead to cancellation of the service and the purchase that was paid without any responsibilities for the reservation or the cost against Chutti company.
  4. Chutti isn’t an agent for any of the service providers and isn’t responsible of any problem or action made by any of the service providers listed on the website.

Adjustments and Refund policies

  1. If a user wants to cancel or have a refund, they must do it before 24 hours prior to the booking/reservation date.
  2. Services displayed on Chutti website subject to service providers conditions regarding the booking, cancellation and refund. Users must read service providers terms and conditions carefully before purchasing a service.
  3. Users can cancel or edit on services that are paid in an advance but has to pay cancellation fees to do so according to service providers cancellation and refund policies. Reservations and booking cannot be cancelled or changed in peak seasons.
  4. Some services are not refundable or changeable. As the user agrees to terms and conditions that include cancellation and adjustments fees displayed on the website. The user accepts in such condition to pay 2.5% of the refund payment to get deducted as expenses.

Reservation Confirmation

  1. Chutti company offers airlines booking on the website.packages of services that include but not limited to airlines booking reservations.
  2. If Chutti company couldn’t confirm a prepaid reservation of any of its services, then it’s our responsibility to refund the full amount or offer the same service with a different provider with same quality, price and class.
  3. Chutti company isn’t responsible for any sort of cancellation resulting from an act from a client for whatever reasons.


  1. Resources, services and products.. Etc that show on the website might include incorrect information besides that information get updated or changed which includes cost and availability of each product and service. In that case Chutti company will not be responsible for any consequences caused by this regarding any service that is being offered on the website. Moreover, Chutti company is in a position to correct these errors and in that case the user may have the chance to keep their existing reservation or cancel it.
  2. All means of transportation with service providers and has no relation with Chutti company. Hence we will not be responsibles for any problems caused by/in any mean of transportation which includes but not limited to refund, cancellation, compensation or any other issue. Also, the company will not be responsible of any financial issue (cancellation, compensation, expenses) or other issues like delays or changes in air flights.
  3. Chutti company and every employee or partner or service provider in relation to it bear no responsibilities for any indirect or direct, accidental or intentional issues caused by its website or any product or service displayed on it. By issues we mean (money loss, damages, mistakes. etc) even if we knew the possibility of the incident.
  4. With high hand, if we had any sort of responsibilities as Chutti company or its service providers, it shall not exceed refunding the prepaid payment. The restirections referenced in our terms and conditions shall remain effective and valid in case the issue is solved. Furthermore, the limitation of the responsibilities provided previously in the agreement protects Chutti full rights and its providers.

Prices of Offered Services

  1. Prices and costs of services and products that are offered on the website are only displayed for general guidance. Therefore, they can get changed at any time and Chutti company has no responsibility for that.
  2. The company has no responsibility for the offered prices. Hence, Chutti company and its providers will not guarantee the accessibility of any product or service.

Travel Documents

  1. Make sure to check the period of staying outside the kingdom before making a reservation as some countries require 6 months minimum.
  2. Some countries require an entry visa as a transit or as a travel destination so make sure to do that and have all your documents ready.
  3. Leaving the country without having all of your documents can cause you real issues that may affect your trip and even lead to detention. And in such cases the user takes the full responsibilities for that (damage, costs or expenses).
  4. By travelling through Chutti and its service providers, this doesn’t guarantee by any mean that the trip will have no issues or risks. Therefore, we aren’t responsible for any risk or damage caused by travelling through us. Hence, we ask our users to learn more about travel prohibitions before heading to any destination. Refunds in the above case subject to airline companies and some service providers along with Chutti company.

Privacy and services policy

  1. Chutti company and its services providers will not provide information about the appropriateness of the website full content for any reason/purpose. Moreover, the offered services on Chutti website does not necessarily imply a recommendation or an acceptance from the company or the service providers. There are no warranties for any service/info/product displayed on the website.
  2. We (Chutti company and its service providers) don’t guarantee that any info/service/product.. Etc is free from viruses or any unwanted sort of content. We also have no liabilities for any product/service/info that is displayed on the website that includes commercial content and any proprietary right.


The user agrees and admits to protect and defend Chutti company and all its employees and service providers against any financial damage or issue which includes and not limited to expenses, disputes, penalties or any other type of costs including also costs of legal procedures as a result of the below: Any violation for this agreement

  • Any violation for any condition, right or law or harmful use of the website
  • Sharing or selling commercials that might contain breaches to country regulations.
  • Third Parties

    Website content that belongs to other providers or parties and since we can’t change it or control it, Chutti company has not any sort of commitment towards that. Moreover Chutti company isn’t responsible by any mean for any sort of content you get to see or download through the website in case it includes harmful sources or viruses. Also, Chutti company isn’t responsible for any inaccurate information presented on or through the website or any other party.

    Currency Conversion

    1. Rates of exchange are displayed only for guidance.
    2. Offered prices and costs might not be accurate and Chutti company has no responsibility for that nor the service providers or any other parties. Moreover, website content is for personal use only and mustn't be used for any commercial purpose.

    Online Transactions Fees

    1. Some banks establish fees on transactions that is not being processed locally (international transactions). Example: when you withdraw money outside the kingdom, the bank will convert the currency into your current currency and consequently impose fees on every transaction. Therefore, Chutti company has no responsibilities for that and shall never pay for such fees.
    2. Furthermore, the fees of any international transaction can’t be estimated by us.
    3. Banks consider any booking outside the kingdom as an international transaction.
    4. Only the bank determine any fees regarding converting the currency. Therefore if you have any questions or problems with this, please head back to your bank.

    Commitment to Law and Regulations

    1. This agreement execution will be according to legal proceedings. Moreover, no term or condition mentioned in this agreement can limit our legal rights.
    2. Any requests or claims about our services should be placed within 60 days from the date this claim occurred. If it wasn’t presented during the mentioned period, this will be considered exoneration from the claim.
    3. If any of Chutti agreement provisions is no longer valid, the rest of our terms and conditions will remain valid and effective. And if Chutti decided not to implement any of its terms and conditions this doesn’t consider as a waiver, also will never prevent Chutti company to implement such provision in the future.

    This Agreement

    1. These terms and conditions only shape Chutti company entire agreement. Hence it supersedes any other oral or written agreements.
    2. This agreement includes all conditions and terms of Chutti company and its service providers and ministerial circulars of national and international entities and the provisions of refunds or changes are an integral part of this agreement.
    3. A printed copy of these terms and conditions is a valid original copy for any judicial authority.
    4. The names mentioned in the website are not to be considered as real names of people or organizations.